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Building our Community

Pandemic or not, community building (or embracing our community) is super important. It’s our support system - part of the nurture that we require to thrive in life.  We are always meant to connect with others - enjoying time with each other, supporting one another, working with one another towards goals and values that resonate.  This is what we are looking to engender as we build and embrace our community


Despite supply chain problems and increasing controls on our lives, if we put focus and energy into building our community, this will provide us with not only a means to survive, but to THRIVE! 


We’re planning heaps of projects to embrace over the coming months. The first aiming to improve our local resilience - which ties in with locally grown and sourced food.  Are you yourself growing fruit/veggies?  Can you support others in doing the same? 


We’ll embark on projects covering other essentials such as shelter, water, power, etc. It would be great to work on some of these projects in parallel with people who feel affinity for them and can take the initiative and drive them. I know that there are many skills in our community that we can harness...collectively, we are a talented bunch!  We are looking to improve what we already have in this area and further develop robust growing & distribution systems and local trading networks.  Our emphasis is on keeping it real, creating our own reality, living in hope, learning new practical skills and re-establishing and enjoying our connections with each other, the land and ocean.


More information will be added here as projects get rolled out..  watch this space! 

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