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Keep Cash Alive!

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I get it, paying with a plastic card is quick, easy and seamless. Even more so now that there is the option of Paywave. Call me a Conspiracy Theorist 🤣😂🧐🤣😂🧐but next there will probably be some kind of chip in our hand or a scan of our face - the cards will be classified as 'old technology' and physical cash will be made obsolete... 

Anyhow, regardless of this potential dystopian future, there are so many reasons to keep cash alive!  Let's keep the money going around our communities, supporting our local businesses, community markets and fundraisers etc. And let's maintain our right to spend our money how we would like, into the future.

11 important reasons to keep cash alive

1. Emergency Preparedness: Cash is essential during emergencies when digital payment systems may fail. 


2. Access to goods even without power or internet: Having physical currency ensures you can make transactions even without electricity or internet access.


3. Privacy and Freedom: Cash transactions protect personal independence and privacy. Unlike digital payments, which can be tracked, cash offers anonymity and freedom of choice.


4. Stable Currency Systems: Cash contributes to stable currency systems. It serves as a tangible representation of a nation’s identity and cultural heritage, beyond its monetary value.


5. Security: Cash is the most secure payment method. It doesn’t rely on technology or vulnerable networks, making it resilient during crises. 


6. Risk Minimization: Cash minimizes financial risks. It’s immune to cyberattacks, card fraud, or account breaches that digital systems may face.


7. Universal Acceptance: Cash is universally accepted. Whether you’re in a bustling city or a remote village, cash works everywhere.


8. Satisfies Inherent Needs: People have an inherent need for tangible currency. The touch and feel of cash satisfy this need, providing a sense of security and control.


9. Cost-Efficient: Cash transactions don’t involve processing fees or intermediaries. It’s cost-efficient for both consumers and merchants.


10. Resilience: Cash remains resilient during economic downturns, political instability, or natural disasters. It’s a reliable fallback when other systems falter.


11. Conscious Spending: When you pay with cash, you become a more conscious spender. The physical exchange reinforces the value of money, preventing impulsive purchases.

In a world of evolving technologies, cash continues to play a vital role, offering stability, privacy, and simplicity.

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