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Hello - I'm Tamsin, wife of Robin, mom of Oli (also Leo and Spanner ;-)), - living at very bottom of New Zealand in the beautiful town of Riverton.  Aside from family and friends, the loves in my life are gardening, music, crafty things and anything within the realm of health.  I'm partial to a good board game too. 

Please read my blog for an insight into my quest to activate my amazing community to;

  • connect in fun ways

  • work together on exciting, creative projects (what would you like to create?)

  • discover what we really love to do - and do it in spades

  • revel in the abundance we have all around us and focus on the good things in life

  • rediscover good health across all the facets that comprise the world we live within (mind, body, spirit, soil, environmental, planetary)


I do believe it is time to thrive.  And that the key to getting there is in enjoying the process.  (Oh, and letting a few things go).  But seriously, the emphasis is on fun.  Who's with me?!


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