Riverton TimeBank

Imagine what can be achieved by a local community that works together to fully support one another emotionally, mentally, physically, and economically, co-creating a state of joy, unity and freedom. Current systems and structures are failing the people, attacking basic human rights and needs.

Collectively we, the people of this beautiful country, are coming together like never before creating a brighter future for our children. We are putting the UNITY back into community. We are creating new systems and structures based on people helping people, generating a life of harmony and abundance. A new society built on collective efforts and skills.

We are looking to increase numbers to pilot a scheme where time and skills are exchanged.  It is a tried and tested format known as 'time banking'. In addition to this we have a strong community base in which like-minded individuals can come together to continue enjoying the old normal.  We hold weekly meetings, social events and family gatherings among other activities.  Ours is an all inclusive, supportive network and we'd love you to join us!

•    members submit their skills, knowledge and experience
•    members are under no pressure whatsoever to contribute their time, however we aim for members to donate an hour a week if and when needed
•    the time donated to the community hub is banked and can be exchanged for other goods, skills, trades etc.
•    ** some services may have a surcharge for materials
•    to be successful the objective is to keep your personal time account as low in time as possible.

For further information and to become a member of Riverton TimeBank please request to become a member.  Please Note: at the moment, we are only offering membership to people living in Riverton and surrounds.


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