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Mayan Calendar Reading

The Mayan Calendar consists of three separate corresponding and interlacing calendars which can be used simultaneously to provide insights into specific days as well as people born onto those days.  These calendars are known as the the Long Count (known as the Universal Cycle by the Maya) which is used to track long periods of time (about 7885 solar years), the Tzolkin, also known as the Divine Calendar or Sacred Round, which is a 260 day calendar with 20 periods of 13 days, and the Haab - a 365 day solar calendar consisting of 18 months of 20 days, plus a 5 day month).  In all, it is essentially a 13 moon (28 day) calendar which is a harmonious way of experiencing time, as a pose to the Gregorian calendar which is confusing with it's dis-harmonic frequency.  Wouldn't life just be so much more simple if we knew that the 16 day of every month was always going to be a Wednesday?! 


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With this system there is also a day known as the Day Out Of Time (DOOT) which falls on the 25th July.  This is how I first learnt of the Mayan Calendar System - a friend took me to a round church somewhere in London (- I happened to be visiting on the 25th July) to celebrate the DOOT - it was a beautiful event and what I learned there - essentially about the simplicity of the moon calendar - really resonated with me.  Years later, events lined up with synchronous magic, to see me arrive at a Mayan Calendar Workshop in NZ.  This allowed me to learn this beautiful system and I have since worked out pretty much everyone I know as it's such a fascinating insight to their personality!

My son and I are both Monkeys in the Mayan Calander - I'm a Blue Galactic Monkey and he is a Blue Self-Existing Monkey... makes for some fun times - we definitely both have monkey natures!


It is fascinating to discover your; Galactic Signature; Guides; Support; Challenge; Hidden energies; purpose; and Earth Family.  It becomes even more interesting when you see what you become when you are with other specific people (as you can add your Galactic Signatures to determine your combined Signature, challenge, guide, purpose etc.)  If you are interested in discovering this information, please contact me and I'll provide a recorded reading as well as send you an email with your relevant information.

To give you a glimpse into a Mayan Reading, here is a free reading from a wonderful site I have found:

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